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Brand story
LONFA is from reliable brand ANDI Since 2003, which is established in beautiful seaside city of Taizhou Zhejiang, China, professional in producing generator,water pump & engine. Owning self brands LONFA, ANDI, ANDITIGER, ELEFUJI etc. The products are favorable in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, all over the world.

During the hard time of developing silent generators since factory established. Once a day, the founder went to visit a friend, when they were talking in the room, suddenly , the power stopped, the host started his back-up generator but full of noise. Immediately, a crying came from a sleeping baby, all people dropped in a mass. In that case, the founder brought a self-researched silent generator and started it, amazingly ,the baby stopped crying at once, the whole room became quiet, the baby slept again with smile. It seems like all people enjoyed the nice silent generator.
Since then, the founder firmed the faith—Build the number one silent generator!

Customers worldwide
Since 2003 LONFA has spread millions of stable power equipment worldwide, We earned good reputation and won positive feedback with trustworthy brands ANDI, ANDITIGER & LONFA. 

Golden Customer Service
With Headquarter in Chine and Branch office in South Africa, LONFA is always with you to offer professional pre-sales and after-sales service.

Cooperation Brands 
LONFA is Cooperating with HONDA, CUMMINS, PERKINS, YAMAHA, etc. to supply more premium choices for you!


Add:Industrial Zone, Huangyan district, Taizhou
City, Zhejiang Province, China
Mob:0086 139 5763 8892

Tel:0086 576 8867 9927
Fax:0086 576 8880 9981
Person: Mr.David


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