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How We Do Quality Control

Spare Parts Test

Before put into Warehouse, All Spare Parts must go through External Quality and Accuracy Inspection. 
Inspection Mainly Includes:
1. Flywheel Magnetic & Balance Test;
2. Connecting Terminal Test: test if the terminal is strong;
3. Crankshaft Balace Test;
4. Oil Gauge Test: Empty & Loaded;
5. Alternator Test: High Voltage Endurance Test & Electric Resistance Test (Electric Leakage)

Engine Test

1. Oil & Air Leaking Test; 
2. Power Test: Stable when Running; 
3. Power Output Test: Up to Standard; 
4. Engine Speed Test: Up to Standard;
5. Engine Impermeability Test;
6. Engine Screw Test;
7. Engine Stability Test: Shake or not;
Any problem, even a screw loose, engine will be took off from production line and will not go back until readjusted to be qualifed.

Machine Set Test

1. 200 Hours Non-Stop Destructive Test
2. Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power Output Test
3. Sticker Quality Tested By Chemicals, such as Gasoline & Alcohol
4. Circuit Breaker Test: When Overloaded
5. Carton Strength Test
6. Generator Stability Test, Shake, Dance
7. Oil Alert Test, Alarm when below Min. Level

Shipping Preparation

1. Dry out Engine Oil & Fuel 
2. Clean the Appearance(Sticker, Paint)
3. 3% Quantity Spot Check for 8-24 Hours’ Durability Test, whichever fails, the whole batch will not leave factory and will be rechecked.


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